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C4C Minnesota

Chapter Contact:

Isaac Will, coordinator

Phone: (952) 250-3161



Fifteen people attended the first meeting on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2006. The group went rock climbing at Barn Bluff in Red Wing, Minn., picking up trash around the area, praying together, and sharing a beautiful day in His creation.

Latest News

C4C - 3B

C4C-3B We're rethinking our famous C4C-3B — a monthly meeting where we will have a Bible study, do some bouldering and hang out by a bonfire. Thanks to a lot of help, the WonderWill bouldering cave (located at 7611 Kiowa Ave., Chanhassen) is open for business, and ready for fellowship! We've been meeting every month at my house. Now we're looking at branching out at a local climbing gym (or gyms). Stay tuned for more details. Read more »
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50/50 Climbathon

50/50 CLIMBATHON Our goal was to raise money for Mission: Haiti. On Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7, we held our first (annual maybe) 50/50. That is, 50 miles in 50 hours. This Climbing For Christ fundraiser was be held on the Superior Hiking Trail.  Read more »
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Afton Family Hike

Afton Family Hike The first annual C4C MN Chapter Fall Foliage Family Fun Hike on Saturday, Sept. 27 was a great success. Six people participated in the pleasant 3.5-mile hike through the rolling St. Croix River valley in Afton State Park. It was also the first C4C event for the newly married Eckers family. Congratulations to Gabe and Michelle! They have a great story about their relationship — I encourage everyone to ask them about it some time.  The prior evening's weather check called for clear skies, but my windshield wipers were intermittently oscillating across... Read more »
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Climb On

Climb On The chapter's first annual “Climb On” weekend was Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17 at Taylors Falls. To see a YouTube slideshow go to   Read more »
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Climbing at Taylor's Falls

Climbing at Taylor’s Falls We had eight people attend and two learned how to multi-pitch and trad climb on Saturday, July 26. One of those attending was an exchange student from Europe. We met a bunch of climbers and had some great dialogue with them, some about environment and a little about C4C when they would let me slip it in.  Read more »
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Prayer Peak Days

Prayer Peaks Day Three members started hiking and praying over the first letter “p” when it started raining on Barn Bluff in Redwing, Minn. onSaturday, June 28. We found a cave that was a short, Class 4 scramble up from the trail, and took shelter there until the rain stopped. We continued to pray in the cave and talked about the significance of seeking shelter — in God. We read some other verses and prayed in the cave for a good hour. I shared some short passages from John Piper's Don't Waste Your Life. We talked about other Biblical people who spent time in caves an... Read more »
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Vision Casting

Vision casting Gary Fallesen, president of Climbing For Christ, spoke at the chapter's 2008 kick-off meeting on Sunday, Jan. 6 at chapter coorindator Isaac Will's house. He will shared the HIStory of Climbing For Christ, reviewed 2007 mission trips, previewed the 2008 Evangelic Expeditions, shared personal God stories, and answered questions. Thirteen people ate a pasta dinner and enjoyed fellowship. Isaac showed photos and videos of past Minnesota Chapter events. At the end of the meeting, he unveiled the 2008 calendar. Read more »
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