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Mission: Indonesia 2020

Still on the list We were in South Sulawesi discussing unreached peop... Read more »

Mission: Indonesia 2019

Prepare ye the way The timing was divine: We were on a spiritual retr... Read more »

Mission: Indonesia 2018

Jesus weeps over hundreds of millions of lost Indonesians We wept &md... Read more »
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Mission: Indonesia 2012

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation, claiming that about 213 million of its 248 million people¹ (86 percent) follow Islam. While the Southeastern Asian country’s constitution supposedly guarantees religion freedom, persecution against Christians is well documented. Since 1996, 798 Christian churches have been burned, attacked or closed, according to Voice of the Martyrs. In 2006, Indonesia’s Ministry of Religion issued a national decree requiring religious groups with 90 members or more to get the permission of 60 neighbors before building or expanding &ldq... Read more »
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