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Mission: Nepal 2020

The Voice in the wilderness When we first arrived in Humla, a remote ... Read more »

Mission: Turkey 2020

In God’s time The Bible tells us, repeatedly, to wait patiently... Read more »

Mission: Nepal 2019

Soldiering for the kingdom The revered Gurkha soldiers have roots in ... Read more »
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Latest News

January: Nepal 2012

When: Jan. 17-Feb. 4. Purpose: Return to Dapcha to visit the SARA (Savior Alone Reaches Asians) church funded by Climbing For Christ and hold church-leader training and a possible medical clinic. Explore the possibility of building the church (the body of believers) and constructing physical churches in other villages in Central and Mid-Western Nepal. Additionally, trek Langtang National Park to reach remote villages with the Gospel. Estimated cost: $3,500, including airfare, ground transport, accommodations, food, and a seven-day trek in Langtang National park. CLICK HERE to read ... Read more »

DISPATCH: Monday, Jan. 16

The team has taken to the air with Brandy and Marissa flying East from western Canada and Dave and Gary flying West from the eastern U.S. Everyone is scheduled to meet Wednesday in Nepal. We were sent off with prayer and these words from Ephesians 3:16-21: “I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep... Read more »

DISPATCH: Sunday, Jan. 15

As our team prepares to GO, we share our prayers for the weeks ahead. Brandy Everts: “I pray that God would give us the strength to do everything He has planned for us and that we would be stretched and challenged so that we are molded more into His image and the final product is that He gets ALL the glory!” Gary Fallesen: “That we would boldly, fearlessly and lovingly walk through the doors God is opening for us. Here we go, Lord, have Your way.” Marissa Gardiner: “My prayer is for more salvations than we think possible.” Megh Gurung:&nbs... Read more »

Fundraiser buys 1,016 Nepali Bibles

Mission Moment (Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012) We were blessed by a Spirit-led outpouring of giving from our “Put a Climbing Helmet On!” fundraiser, featuring Christian comedian Brad Stine on Jan. 6 in Rochester, NY, USA. Brad was divinely inspired during the show to ask an audience of more than 400 to help Climbing For Christ deliver 1,000 Bibles to Nepal. “God definitely wanted to anoint your mission,” Brad said after. More than US$5,550 was raised. Those funds were wired today to Pastor Tej Rokka, the Climbing For Christ member who leads ministry partner ... Read more »

'Only God makes things grow'

With great expectation, our dedicated team of four anxiously awaited the end of the grueling five days of travel from our homes to our destination in the valley. How would God reveal His glory to these nomadic people? How would He build on the previous trips to this area? What had He done in their hearts since we had been there last? We were entering the unknown and trusting that God would again provide and protect. Mission: Possible 6 was about to unfold. Even though many of our team members already had relationships with our friends in the valley, we were struck with the frustration of... Read more »

Bibles for Nepal

Brad Stine comedy show 'Put a Climbing Helmet On!' raises funds By Gary Fallesen President, Climbing For Christ “People who are holding fundraisers are trying to raise funds,” comedian Brad Stine said, candidly stating the obvious during one of his many serious moments at our “Put a Climbing Helmet On!” fundraiser on Friday, Jan. 6. “(You're thinking) 'Oh, you're just trying to make me feel guilty.' If you feel guilty, you probably are. We as Christians call it 'conviction.'” The Holy Spirit impressed upon an audience of more than 400 people the ne... Read more »

Delivering the Word, Part 3

Mission Moment (Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012) Haseeb Masih, the founder of Save Pakistan Ministries (at right in photo above), reported that on Monday, Jan. 2 another 79 Urdu Bibles were distributed to needy people. This was the third time the Climbing For Christ-supported “Free Urdu Bible Distribution Mission Project” was carried out by Save Pakistan. In less than two months, 229 Bibles have been handed out. We give thanks to God for this blessing in a place that ranks among the most persecuted nations in the world. “I would like to let you know that there was a huge crowd o... Read more »

Preaching the Gospel to all creation

Haseeb Masih speaks at a Pakistan Independence Day prayer servic “Independence Day is celebrated in Pakistan on 14 August each year. It commemorates the partition of India into two parts: India (mainly Hindu) and Pakistan (mainly Muslim), which was itself divided into two wings — East Pakistan and West Pakistan. “Save Pakistan Ministries arranged an Independence Day celebration with church congregations, where we have invited Muslim leaders also to come and join us.” Haseeb Masih, a Climbing For Christ member from Pakistan who wrote those words, has boldly wi... Read more »

Kurds and the Way

Kurds and the Way By Gary Fallesen President, Climbing For Christ Shopping for a Turkish rug seemed to be taking longer than weaving one. I grew impatient. Then God once again showed me my foolishness. He turned what seemed like a “vacationary” experience into a missionary moment. Quicker than you can say “kilim” (a type of weave) the conversation turned from carpets to Christ. We were blessed with an opportunity to share why we were in eastern Turkey, climbing Mount Ararat, and Who we were representing. A Kurdish boy working on Mount Ararat. (Photo by Gary Fall... Read more »

Healed and freed from suffering

Sumitra Pariyar, left, with C4C member Alyssa Kaelin outside the Pariyar's home in Dapcha, Nepal. (Photo by Gary Fallesen) “And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years. She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had spent all she had, yet instead of getting better she grew worse. When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, because she thought, ‘If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.’ Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her s... Read more »

Sunday, May 22

The North American members of our team have returned safely to the United States. Praise God! Read more »

Saturday, May 21

We made it back to our port city with absolutely no problem. It only took us 6½ hours to get here (as opposed to 13-plus hours last year). The roads were much better this year and our “m” said if we left really early we would have no trouble with traffic. We are back to our hotel. We'll be getting up at 5 a.m.Sunday to go to the airport and fly back to North America. Read more »

Friday, May 20

We arrived in the city with the hostel. The trip was fine. Really long, but we are well. We left the Valley at 6:30 a.m., saying goodbye to “D’s” family. We blessed them and then left. We had no problems while driving and arrived at the hostel at 6:30 p.m. We will leave for our entry/departure city at 6 a.m. Saturday. Read more »

Thursday, May 19

We spent our last day in the Valley today. We start our two days of driving back on Friday and fly on Sunday. We helped our friend “D’s” family today; they moved all their yaks down from the hills to their tent. We found out there’s been a rumor going around about us, saying that we are coming to convert everyone and if we do they’ll be different. Some people have said, “Don’t listen to them.” Our “m” told us to be careful around “D’s” sister. One of our team spent some time talking to her. We feel that w... Read more »

Wednesday, May 18

We left “Y’s” house this morning and walked 20 kilometers (about 12½ miles) to “L's.” There were a lot of people around when we were getting ready to leave so we couldn’t talk to “Y” again about making a commitment. But our “m” pulled him aside and told him we would be praying for him. He said he was encouraged that we came back and he wants to know more about Jesus. “L” was out working when we arrived, but he came home and we had one hour with him. He had to go back out into the hills with their herd because the... Read more »

Tuesday, May 17

While the team hung out and played with a group of children, our “m” and “Y” took a long walk into the hills to talk, where “m” witnessed to our friend, who — praise God! — has been diligently reading the Bible, listening to the Christian radio program, and even reading our discipleship packet! Our friend told “m” that the only thing holding him back from accepting Christ into his life is his reputation in the Valley. We told “Y” that we wanted to pray for him, and that knowledge of the Lord wouldn’t ruin his repu... Read more »

Monday, May 16

We found our good friend “Y” at the end of a 20-kilometer (about 12½-mile) hike. As we approached the area, all of the children came out to greet us. It was a great reunion and great to see everyone again. On our hike in, we met many people along the way who spoke with “m” and came to realize that we were here once again, and that we were going to keep coming back to see them. That made a huge impression on them. We will play with the children today and stay at our friend’s home tonight, then hike back out Wednesday. Everyone is well, and God is good. Read more »

Sunday, May 15

“As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.” — Jesus praying to the Father about His disciples in John 17:18 We are focused again on why we are here. Jesus sent us. We are of One accord. Everybody is doing really well. When we saw our friend “D,” who is a crippled Buddhist monk living with his family in the Valley, he was walking without a limp and he could speak much better. It was incredible. The last two years he limped severely and was mute except when he chanted. We have prayed with and for him since the summer of 2009. Our &ld... Read more »

Saturday, May 14

We’ve arrived in the Valley and set up camp. Everything was really good today on the drive. It was only 12 hours all the way into the Valley, where in past years it has taken us 1 ¼ days to drive as far as we went today. Things are going really well. People have already started to come to visit our camp. The team is really tired at the end of another long day of hard travel — and the culmination of four days of travel — but we are having dinner and expect to stay up to visit with those coming to see us. Read more »

Saturday, May 14

We’ve arrived in the Valley and set up camp. Everything was really good today on the drive. It was only 12 hours all the way into the Valley, where in past years it has taken us 1 ¼ days to drive as far as we went today. Things are going really well. People have already started to come to visit our camp. The team is really tired at the end of another long day of hard travel — and the culmination of four days of travel — but we are having dinner and expect to stay up to visit with those coming to see us. Read more »

Friday, May 13

We have arrived in the town that is about the midway point in our ground travel to the Valley. The trip today was good. We ended up being stuck in traffic for three hours due to the usual road construction and we think a landslide. There were also many “stops” with people checking information, but we passed right through every one. We still arrived here at a decent hour. The owners of the guest house where we are staying tonight have been extremely generous and are making our stay very welcome. We just ate dinner and are now playing a local game. On Saturday, we will continue wi... Read more »

Thursday, May 12

“We have arrived. We are here. Everybody is doing really good, but we're super tired.” The team traveled by air from very early Wednesday morning to Thursday afternoon to reach its entry point. After getting some sleep, they will set out Friday morning by land to the first overnight stop on the itinerary. Read more »

Tuesday, May 10

Our Mission: Peru and Mission: Possible 6 teams met in Los Angeles on Monday for a day of training today in preparation for these two Evangelic Expeditions. After enjoying dinner and fellowship Monday night, seven team members from three time zones in North America dug into the Word and teachings that will be applied to respective trips. We opened with the first of two weeks of daily devotionals and prayer. We then watched Louie Giglio’s study “God’s Passion for God’s Glorification” before an extended C4C teaching on one of the world’s religions about to ... Read more »

Trip Report: God's plan for Nepal

The tract read, “Are you 100 percent sure? What if you die today? Will you go to heaven?” Our companions, young church leaders from the young church at Dapcha, eagerly handed them out as we walked around their village in Central Nepal. Nearly all who received it were Hindu or Buddhist. To them, death leads to reincarnation — a cycle that continues until you’ve had enough good karma to be freed from rebirth after rebirth. Church leaders spreading the Word on the streets of Dapcha. “I liked spending time with the church leaders and attempting to grasp their... Read more »

Friday, Jan. 14

Frenetic crowds on the streets of Kathmandu. Our short-term time draws to a close as Kyle and I prepare to return to the States. Kyle has been catching up with friends made during his two years of working here. Alyssa and I navigated the streets she has learned to call home away from her Wyoming home. She had been in Nepal volunteering as a teacher for four months before our arrival and she’ll be staying on another couple of weeks. God has a plan for Climbing For Christ’s long-term work here. As we ministered together earlier in the week, Pastor Tej asked: “So what is y... Read more »
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