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Mission: Nepal 2020

The Voice in the wilderness When we first arrived in Humla, a remote ... Read more »

Mission: Turkey 2020

In God’s time The Bible tells us, repeatedly, to wait patiently... Read more »

Mission: Nepal 2019

Soldiering for the kingdom The revered Gurkha soldiers have roots in ... Read more »
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Latest News

Mission: Nepal 2014 (Sept.) Trip Report

God opens the way and the doors to Makalu By Gary Fallesen Founding President, Climbing For Christ Megh Gurung was fresh off his first Evangelic Expedition with Climbing For Christ in 2012 when he felt like visiting a Buddhist monastery in his native Nepal. He knocked on the monastery door three times. No answer. In frustration he threw himself on the ground. Lying on his back, hands outstretched overhead, he searched the heavens and cried out to God: “Why?” God’s answer was five points: 1.    Open the way; 2.    Open the door; ... Read more »

Mission Moments: PAKISTAN

Faith-filled prayer delivers By Gary Fallesen President, Climbing For Christ Evangelist Haseeb has “faith like a grain of mustard seed,” as it says in Matthew 17:20, able to “say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible.” On Friday, Sept. 5, Haseeb sent an email to Climbing For Christ spiritual coordinator Jordan Rowley and me, asking us to pray for a break in the monsoon rains that were delaying his Save Pakistan team’s travel to the Mariabad Mela festival. “Your prayer could make th... Read more »

DISPATCHES: Nepal 2014 (Sept.)

By Gary Fallesen Founding President, Climbing For Christ Monday, Sept. 22 We returned safely to family and homes, marking an end to this particular Evangelic Expedition. The mission to and in Nepal goes on. Sunday, Sept. 21 Time for Dave and me to fly. An evening flight out of Kathmandu to Doha, Qatar, and then overseas to Philadelphia and finally back to Rochester, NY, on Monday morning. About 23 hours of scheduled flying. Before leaving, however, Megh and I began planning for Mission: Nepal 2015, which will occur in March and mark our return to Humla in the Far West. We identifie... Read more »

Mission: Nepal 2014 (Sept.) Prayer

Click on the Mission: Nepal 2014 (Makalu) Prayer Points below and join us in lifting this Evangelic Expedition. Pray on! Read more »

Mission: Nepal 2014

PRAY: For workers to bring in the harvest in a country that is 97 percent unreached, according to the Joshua Project. Nepal is 81 percent Hindu and 9 percent Buddhist, according to its 2011 national census. Christians account for only 1.4 percent of the nation’s 30 million people, the census claimed. GIVE: To the ongoing work being done in the Himalayas, including support of indigenous missionaries, the building of churches, distribution of Bibles, and assistance for orphans. Send donations to Climbing For Christ, c/o Mission: Nepal, P.O. Box 16290, Rochester, NY 14616-0290 USA. Or ... Read more »

Mission Moment: Pakistan

Helping to baptize We kicked off a “Helping Hands” e-appeal in June with Pakistan, where our brother and ministry partner, Evangelist Haseeb, stands strong through the storm of persecution to deliver the Good News. Haseeb had asked for $500 to hold a baptism event for many new believers, and additional funds for the purchase of Bibles in the Urdu language to give to these and other believers who do not have the Word. Mission accomplished! Three Climbing For Christ members responded and more than $600 in support was sent. Haseeb reports: Haseeb teaching about baptism. (Photos... Read more »

DISPATCHES: Turkey 2014

Mission: Ararat 2014 By Gary Fallesen President, Climbing For Christ Thursday, July 3   Gary, Elaine and Joye at the church at Perge on the St. Paul Trail. The team has returned to the States. Weather delayed final flights out of New York City so Joye returned to Southern California after her birthday had ended, and Elaine and I landed in Rochester, NY on our wedding anniversary. We are thankful for safe travel and for all of the blessings of this 18-day trip. Tuesday, July 1 Our team in Base Camp on Mount Ararat: (left to right, back row) Joye, Elaine, Gary, Adem, (front row) ... Read more »

Mission Moment: NEPAL

Do arrests mark beginning of persecution? The arrest of about 40 leaders and members of a church in northeastern Kathmandu during a baptism event on Friday, June 13 has prompted a call for prayer for Christians in Nepal. “Please pray for us and Nepal because persecution has begun,” one Nepali Climbing For Christ member and ministry partner emailed the day after the arrests. Reportedly, Hindu government leaders pressured local police to make the arrest. They were charged with forcibly converting Hindus. Another Nepali C4C member and ministry partner reported local church... Read more »

Mission: Ararat 2014 Prayer Calendar

Pray on!   Read more »

Project 1:27 Updates: Visiting Orphans

By Gary Fallesen Founding president, Climbing For Christ  Catherine. (Photo by Duncan Nyozani) Catherine Gwembere is 8 years old and in grade 2 in Singano village in southern Malawi. Her father died of HIV/AIDS in 2007, when she was only 1. “She cannot remember her dad and has never tasted fatherly love in her life,” said Pastor Duncan Nyozani of Searchlight Ministries. “Being the last child it was really a tough situation,” Duncan added. “Her mum is also HIV positive. She (Catherine) is in a desperate situation. It is a battle for her to live, eat, d... Read more »

Mission Moments: Nepal

Building the church in Humla By Gary Fallesen Founding President, Climbing For Christ Parker Harris is using his peak-bagging powers for good. The Climbing For Christ member from Houston, Texas has – for the second time in three years – turned his climb of Denali into a fundraising event. “Let’s build a church together” was the subject line on the email Parker sent to family and friends before heading for Alaska to attempt North America’s tallest mountain.   Land to the left of the trees is the proposed location for the first church in Humla. ... Read more »

Mission Moments: Pakistan

Save Pakistan lives, loves in face of persecution By Gary Fallesen Founding President, Climbing For Christ Evangelist Haseeb and his family have moved again with a little help from Climbing For Christ. Haseeb and those involved with our ministry partner Save Pakistan have endured months of persecution and hardship. Their story has been a painful one and yet, through it all, they have known the Source of their strength. “…persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed” (2 Corinthians 4:12). Haseeb is used by God to bring a sick woman to Him. Two weeks... Read more »

Mission: Nepal 2014 (Spring) Trip Report

Mission: Nepal 2014 (Spring) Trip ReportPart 1: Building the church in the dark Story and photos by Gary Fallesen   “X” marks the spot of  the proposed church build. In my mind I could see a church where there was none. I could envision the small planes that provide the only way in and out of Nepal’s Far West district of Humla touching down on the short runway and its passengers seeing a cross in a place that serves as the jump-off point for followers of Hinduism and Buddhism making the pilgrimage to the holy Mount Kailash. In my heart, after visiting Humla three times in 17 months, I know the import... Read more »

Mission Moments: Pakistan

Celebrating Easter with those who are not Fatherless   Save Pakistan, our persecuted ministry partner, celebrated the joy of Resurrection Sunday by doing as Jesus instructed: reaching out to the least of those in their own community. That would be the “marginalized Christians” living in Save Pakistan’s Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. “We had an Easter celebration with 90 orphans to encourage them that the Lord always loves them and He is extending His helping hands for them in different ways in their lives,” said Evangelist Haseeb, a C4C member and the foun... Read more »

DISPATCHES: Nepal 2014 (Spring)

By Gary Fallesen CLICK HERE for the Mission: Nepal 2014 (Spring) Prayer Calendar. Wednesday, April 9 The Mission: Nepal (Spring) 2014 team – Matthew Fisher, left; Brandy Everts, center, and Megh Gurung, right – meet with fellow believers in Dharmashala in the Mid-West district of Rolpa to look at land for a possible church build, above. Below, after Gary Fallesen preached in worship at the church at Simikot about “having each other’s backs” in spiritual battle, he and Pastor Harka rested back to back on a rooftop in the village of Thehe in the Far... Read more »

Mission: Nepal 2014 Prayer Calendar

CLICK HERE to download our Mission: Nepal 2014 Prayer Calendar for our March-April expedition. Pray on! Read more »

Mission Moments: Nepal

Church completed in Kathmandu Kindly rejoice with us for what our Almighty God the Father has given us as special gift: a sanctuary to worship Him in spirit and truth. We are the body of Christ, Son of the Living God. He answered our prayer and gave us this beautiful church sanctuary to meet with Jesus and have wonderful fellowship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. You can look at this house of God and inner sanctuary, where saints are gladly worshiping God. On behalf of my family and believers of SARA (Savior Alone Reaches Asians), I would like to thank God and Cli... Read more »

Mission: Ararat 2014

PRAY: For workers to bring in the harvest in Turkey, a country that is reportedly 97 percent Muslim – the majority of which is unreached. For more than 1,000 years this region was the heart of Christianity, but it later became a stronghold of Islam. The Christian population declined from 22 percent to 0.21 percent after 1900. Turkish and Kurdish believers probably numbered around 10 in 1960. This number rose to around 4,000 by 2010, according to Operation World. GIVE: To the start of work among the Kurdish people in eastern Turkey. Send donations to Climbing For Christ, c/o Mission: Ara... Read more »

Mission Moments: Nepal

CHRISTmas in Kathmandu The main Savior Alone Reaches Asians (SARA) church in Kathmandu, Nepal met to worship in their new building for the first time on Christmas Day. About 150 people attended. “It was great because several new people came and three of them accepted Christ in their life for the first time,” said Pastor Tej Rokka, the founder of SARA and a long-time Climbing For Christ member. Pastor Tej welcomes us to the new SARA church in Kathmandu. “I was so excited because for the first time in SARA church history we were having a CHRISTmas celebration in our o... Read more »

Mission Moments: Pakistan

CHRISTmas delivery of God’s precious Word Climbing For Christ was blessed to provide funding for the purchase of 70 Urdu-language Bibles for distribution on CHRISTmas by partner ministry Save Pakistan. “Many believers in Pakistan long to be able to read God’s Word daily, to learn and grow by its instruction and encouragement,” said Save Pakistan founder Haseeb Masih (in photo), who delivered Bibles in a program in the city of Sangla Hill in the Punjab Province. “Access to Bibles, however, is out of reach for most people, most often due to crippling poverty. U... Read more »

C4C Turkey Prayer Video

Please take a minute to join us in prayer for the nation of Turkey, as well as ministries like Climbing For Christ whom God has raised up to reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Read more »

C4C Nepal Prayer Video

Join us in prayer for the people of Nepal and those committed to reaching out to them with the love of Jesus.   Read more »

Mission Moments: Nepal

Building the church at Kathmandu The main church for Savior Alone Reaches Asians (SARA) and future home to Climbing For Christ in Nepal continues to go up in Kathmandu. “We are thankful to God, C4C and givers so far,” Pastor Tej Rokka, founder of SARA (in photo above), said Tuesday, Dec. 10. “But work has not yet finished; it is still underway. We still need 15,000 US dollars to complete this church. We have not stopped working and bringing materials on credit, and labors are paid half so far, because our challenge is to complete it by Dec. 25 and have CHRISTmas c... Read more »

Nepal 2014 Dossier

Nepal Dossier 2014.pdf Read more »

Pakistan Trek

Pakistan has within its borders some of the world’s highest and most spectacular mountains. Some of the famous mountain ranges of Pakistan are Himalayas, Karakoram, Hindu Kush, Sulaiman, Toba Kakar, Kirthar and Salt range. Millions of people live in the mountains of Pakistan. This could be a 2014 expedition. We have been waiting on the Lord for His timing and open doors through which we will boldly walk. E-mail if you are interested in trekking in Pakistan. In the meantime, Climbing For Christ is praying for and financially helping (... Read more »
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