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Mission: Malawi 2018
Mission: Malawi 2018

The Word

“When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on the side of a mountain and sat down. Jesus’ disciples gathered around him, and he taught them.” — Matthew 5:1-2 (CEV)


Mission: Malawi 2018

Sermon on the Mount (Mulanje)

We climbed from the Fort Lister trailhead to Sombani Hut with 28 guides and porters from Climbing For Christ’s Mulanje Massif Chapter. It was a day-hike that was blessed beyond measure. First, we were on the Mulanje Massif, also known as Mount Mulanje, a hiking paradise in southern Malawi that contains 20 peaks above 2,500 meters (8,200 feet), including the country’s highpoint at 3,002 meters (9,849 feet). Second, we were climbing with our brothers to teach on the mountain.

At the suggestion of national missionary Damson Samson, we took them through the Sermon on the Mount verse by verse while at Sombani Hut (around 6,800 feet/2,080 meters). What an amazing experience: God-honoring fellowship, prayer, and worship in a crowded hut on a beautiful mountainside.

Members from this chapter of C4C, which Damson formed in March 2016, have told us they have learned more spiritually from Climbing For Christ than from any church or in any other way. They are thankful to God for the way He has used this ministry to reach them and teach them so they may in turn reach and teach others both on and off the mountain.

The Mulanje Massif Chapter, modeled after our Kilimanjaro Chapter in neighboring Tanzania, is one of many projects Climbing For Christ has carried out in Malawi since we first visited in 2010. We also:

  • Sponsor 22 children in the care of ministry partner Duncan Nyozani through Project 1:27. This was the entry point for C4C into Malawi.

  • Saw Project 1:27, based on James 1:27 (“to look after orphans and widows in their distress”), expanded by Damson in January 2016 to include the countless elderly widows in surrounding villages. This has resulted in the delivery of clothing, food, the building of homes, a farming initiative, and the teaching of the Word.

  • Introduced Duncan’s ministry, which includes three churches, to Hope Lutheran Church in Rochester, NY, USA on Mission: Malawi 2016. This was the start of a sibling relationship between those two ministries, which we will believe will bless both communities of believers.

  • Do outreach among the under-evangelized Ngoni people group.

  • Continue to disciple and evangelize members of the Mulanje Massif Chapter. To assist these brothers in Christ, we funded the start of a piggery.

PRAY: For the needs of a hurting people in one of the world’s poorest nations.

GIVE: To support any of the many programs carried out by Climbing For Christ and African staff member Damson Samson.

GO! We will return to the Mulanje Massif to teach guides and porters for several days on the mountain, and visit orphans, widows, and Ngoni people from Aug. 17-26. Cost is estimated at $2,250. For C4C members only. Email for a mission application.

EXPEDITION PAGE PHOTO: Climbing For Christ’s Gary Fallesen and Damson Samson joined 28 guides and porters on Mulanje Massif. Gary taught about the Sermon on the Mount at the Sombani Hut, where this photo was taken with Matambale Peak (2,642 meters/8,667 feet) in the background.

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Latest News

Gary Fallesen

Nationality: American of Danish descent. Occupation: Missionary. Missions with C4C: Dominican Republic 2005; Haiti 2006, 2007 (twice), 2008, 2009 (twice), 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013; Indonesia 2007, 2010, 2012, 2017, 2018 and 2019; Kilimanjaro 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020; Malawi 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020; Mexico 2005; Morocco 2013, 2015 and 2017; Nepal 2011, 2012 (twice), 2013, 2014 (twice), 2015 (twice), 2016 (twice), 2017 (twice), 2018, 2019 (twice), and 2020; Nigeria 2011; Peru 2011, 2014 and 2017; Philippines 2008, 20... Read more »

Mission Moments: Malawi

The Mulanje Massif Chapter pig project in Malawi: Six brothers in Christ show off the piglets produced by the original two pigs provided through funding by Climbing For Christ. This project helps address physical needs, while we continue to train up disciples of Jesus who can make more disciples. (Photo by Damson Samson) What began as two piglets in late 2017 added up to 10 piglets by late 2018 – with the promise of more to come. “I am excited to bring you this progressive development,” said Damson Samson, Climbing For Christ’s Malawi-based Kingdom worker. “The ... Read more »

Mission Moments: Malawi

A common Malawi widow’s pose: praising God for what He has done. (Photo by Damson Samson) Widows declare God’s greatness By Gary Fallesen, founding president, Climbing For Christ “Closing our mouths can’t do,” Damson Samson said after the third anniversary of his Climbing For Christ-sponsored widows project. “We shall proclaim the great and wonderful things the Lord has done.” Hundreds of widows who have been blessed by God through this project gathered on Jan. 4 for a big party. They brought gifts for Damson and his family – and rece... Read more »

Mission Moments: Malawi

From the gift of shoes to God’s victorious feat Damson Samson spent Malawi’s Independence Day (July 6) and CHRISTmas eve 2018 with those in the Mulanje Prison. It capped our Malawi-based African worker’s first year of serving those in prison. Before delivering a CHRISTmas message – and 500 pairs of shoes provided through funding by Climbing For Christ – Damson took his latest visit to the Lord. God gave him Acts 12:1-17 (Peter’s rescue from prison) and a vision of “angels standing at the four corners of the prison.” After he preached more than... Read more »

Mission Moments: Malawi

Planting seeds to grow the church Mulanje Massif Chapter training. (Photos by Damson Samson) Guides and porters in our Mulanje Massif Chapter in Malawi met for quarterly training on Nov. 21-22 and studied church planting and the Book of Acts. “On this day, we had a total of 18 people,” Climbing For Christ kingdom worker Damson Samson reported. “This is because some were committed to planting seeds.” Some plant seeds to grow crops and some plant seeds to grow the church.  The Mulanje Massif Chapter training, a continuation of The Timothy Initiative (di... Read more »

Mission Moments: Malawi

Even a drop of water is a blessing Sonjela’s smile speaks volumes. (Photos by Damson Samson) Between Mulanje Massif Chapter training and preparing to join our team on Mission: Kilimanjaro 2018, Climbing For Christ worker Damson Samson was busy again feeding the widows. In October, he used monthly support from Climbing For Christ for his widows’ project to buy maize for more than 100 hungry widows. But many were not fed through this effort. So, Damson took November support and did the same thing, providing more than 30 50-kilogram bags of maize to feed another 100-plus wid... Read more »

Mission Moments: Malawi

Trusting God in small things Lidia Namonde (front and center) praises God with other widows for His provision in Malawi. (Photos by Damson Samson) Damson Samson took what little monthly support we can send for his widows’ project ($500) and “rushed to buy maize in the understanding the food situation we have now.” As is often the case in his native southern Malawi, many are going hungry. “We managed to buy 30 bags of maize (50 kilograms each), which could not be able to feed all the widows we have, but I called some to my house to get this blessing.” More... Read more »

Dispatches: Malawi 2018

Mission: Malawi 2018 Reporting by Gary Fallesen (Photos by Gary Fallesen unless otherwise noted) Tuesday, Aug 28 Mulanje Massif Chapter members in prayer. This photo is one of the many memorable moments from Mission: Malawi 2018. Members of the Mulanje Massif Chapter gathering at the Chisepo Hut, about 7,500 feet up on the Sapitwa Peak, for one final prayer together during our three days of trekking and training. It was one of countless blessed occasions Bill and I had with brothers and sisters (and those not yet related to us by the blood of Jesus) ove... Read more »

Photo of the Week: Malawi

Photo of the Week: Malawi The Mulanje Massif Chapter in evangelism training beneath Sapitwa Peak. (Photo by McSon Soka, caretaker of Chisepo Hut) CLICK HERE for daily Dispatches from Mission: Malawi 2018. Read more »

Photo of the Week: Malawi

Photo of the Week: Malawi“I went to Nasiyaya village. This is where we had a good time of dancing choruses, and it was vibrant.” (Photo by Damson Samson) News of Mission: Malawi coming to their village spread joy in advance of our arrival. CLICK HERE for daily Dispatches from Mission: Malawi 2018. Read more »