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Mission: Nepal 2016
Mission: Nepal 2016

The Word

“…and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” — Matthew 16:18 (ESV)


Mission: Nepal 2016

Megh Gurung visited his home village in Nepal to start the New Year. He has been back to Phulkharka in the mountains of the Dhading district several times since the devastating earthquake in April 2015, delivering aid provided through relief funding from Climbing For Christ.

On the latest trip he encountered his former neighbor, a witch doctor who – angered when Megh and his wife, Bhim, converted to Christianity many years ago – “forced persecution on us.” Once, Bhim was physically taken from her home and dragged through the streets. But Megh and Bhim forgave their enemies in Phulkharka.

Doors opened, as a result. Others came to Christ.

But the witch doctor has continued to persecute believers, even using against them a scarcity of water since the earthquake. Megh went to attend a meeting about the water supply. The meeting also was attended by the witch doctor’s sons. During the meeting one son received an emergency phone call about his wife.

“I and other Christian brothers went with them to see her,” Megh said. “We reached the witch doctor’s son’s house. At that time the witch doctor was doing treatment his way, but the lady was screaming and telling him, ‘I can destroy all your family and you.’”

Megh recognized that the woman was possessed by the devil.

The witch doctor was filled with fear. His son asked if the Christians could pray for his wife, but the witch doctor refused. The son asked again because, Megh said, the condition of his wife was “very serious and they were thinking she could not live; she will die.” But again the witch doctor refused.

“But I and others were praying secretly to open the door and his heart,” Megh said. “Finally, the witch doctor asked, ‘Megh, pray for healing for my daughter-in-law please.’

“Immediately we prayed healing for her. I prayed forcefully for the devil to go in the name of Jesus. We prayed to cast out the devil in the name of Jesus. At that time other people came to look. The devil was gone. Everybody was surprised. The lady started to talk with us. It was a good time to share the Good News among them. She was healed through prayer. The next day she accepted Christ Jesus as Savior and Redeemer in her life.

“The witch doctor is hopeless,” Megh added. “We need to pray for him to come to the Lord. Before he passes away he should come to the Lord. Please pray for him to open his heart so he may know God is his creator.”

God continues to provide amazing opportunities to reach the lost throughout the Himalayas in Nepal. He has used us to build three churches and work toward the construction of a fourth church in 2016. He has also used us to build up the church in a country (formerly a Hindu kingdom and still 81 percent Hindu and about 9 percent Buddhist) where Christianity once was illegal and proselytizing is still against the law.

We continue to partner with local churches and members, such as Megh and Pastor Tej Rokka, to further God’s kingdom. There will be two expeditions in 2016. To God be the glory!

PRAY for the ongoing work. We lift the construction of the church at Simikot and the ministry being carried out by other churches we have been blessed to help build (Dapcha, Korchabang, and SARA Kathmandu). We ask the Lord to watch over Pastors Tej and Megh, their families, and the ministries they have been blessed to lead. We ask for an end to the fuel shortage that has plagued Nepal for months. We pray for the orphans sponsored by C4C. We also pray for those we encountered in the past year in Humla and Langtang, and lift missions to Nepal in 2016 in April and September.

GIVE to support this work, especially the construction of the Simikot church, Project 1:27 Nepal, and other needs in the Central, Mid-Western and Far Western regions.

GO on Mission: Nepal 2016 in April (Annapurna) or September (Humla). Trips are estimated to cost $1,500 plus airfare. A team also is being considered for work at the SARA orphanage outside Kathmandu in April. Email to express an interest and request a mission application.


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