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Keith Schultz

Keith Schultz on the summit of Mount Rainier.

Born: 1959. Residence: Redmond, Wash. Personal: Married, father of two girls. Occupation: Software Developer.

How long have you climbed? 35 years.

Type of climbing you do:
Alpine is my favorite. I ski off. But I also climb rocks, gyms, mixed, mountains, glaciers, and vertical ice.

Highlight of climbing career: There are many. Probably climbing Liberty Ridge on Rainier in two days of perfect weather is a standout. But there were also numerous first ascents in the Bitterroots of Montana that gave me great pleasure.

How long have you been a Christian? 30 years.

Type of ministry you are blessed to serve in: I have been on set-up crews in both churches I have been a member of. Then my back didn’t like it anymore so I served on other crews like computer set-up, odd jobs on Wednesday nights (getting materials together for the kids programs), etc.

Favorite Scripture verse (and why): “John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, "I am the voice of one calling in the desert, 'Make straight the way for the Lord.'” – John 1:23. It is in the wilderness that I feel closest to God. I believe we are entering a new age in which our servitude to Him will be exceptionally important.

Special “God moment” you'd like to share
: When I was 19, I had been a Christian for about a year. Growing up in an atheist family, I had very little knowledge of the concepts of being a Christian. I had not felt close to God nor had I felt heard. I was in Yosemite Valley basically praying my last prayer, “If you exist, why do children die? Why do wars kill innocent people?” Etc. I had no basis for faith and no more reason to believe. I got an answer that shook me to the foundations of the universe. There was no “me” there was only an answer. He told me “Read the Bible.”

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