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Missy Jean Dedrick

Gary Fallesen 0 955
Missy Jean Dedrick on Mission: Turkey 2019. (Photo by Gary Fallesen) EDITOR’S NOTE: Serving with Climbing For Christ is not a job, it is a calling. We rejoice today (Jan. 2, 2020) as Missy Jean Dedrick, who accepted the call to serve full-time with us a few months ago, GOes to work w...

In Memoriam: Jim Doenges

Gary Fallesen 0 2670
Jim Doenges, who served full-time on the staff of Climbing For Christ during our early years (2006-2008), started the Colorado Front Range Chapter, and was a part of six Evangelic Expeditions (including the inaugural missions to Denali, Kilimanjaro and Nepal), graduated to the next life on July 16, ...

Jordan Rowley: Starting anew

Gary Fallesen 0 2635
Jordan Rowley, Climbing For Christ spiritual coordinator. It was the most difficult decision I’d made in my entire life – and that’s no exaggeration. A year and a half ago I stepped away from a ministry I’d lovingly labored with for nearly five years. Describing my relati...

Mission Moments: Sending Staff

Gary Fallesen 0 4739
By Gary Fallesen Founding President, Climbing For Christ I know the power of the encouragement that is delivered by us being sent to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in their own nations. The blessing they receive from us GO-ing is priceless. Never mind the eternal value placed on those ...

Elaine Fallesen, Family Ministry/Communications Director

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Elaine with our Project 1:27-sponsored children in Malawi, Africa in 2014. I’ve lived and breathed Climbing For Christ for so long now that I can’t remember what life was like before it came into being. Never in my wildest Mefloquine-induced dreams could I have imagined a decade ago w...

Brandy Fisher, C4C Canada coordinator

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Brandy (Everts) Fisher sharing on Mission: Possible 3 in 2009. I am so excited to be a part of Climbing For Christ (C4C)! It is humbling to know that I have the privilege to play a little part in the enormous picture of all God has in store for C4C in Canada and worldwide. May He be glorifi...