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Mission Moments: Philippines

Indonesian humanitarian mission to the Philippines

By Budi Yuwono
C4C Indonesia

(Editor’s Note: Budi Yuwono’s home church of Abbalove in Jakarta, Indonesia partnered with DoctorSHARE, also known as the Physician Care Foundation, for a humanitarian relief mission to the Philippines. Budi participated in this mission. Here is his report:)

Dr. Lie Darmawan, the founder of DoctorSHARE, led a humanitarian mission to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The mission was composed of 16 people – 14 doctors from DoctorSHARE and two volunteers from Abbalove. The team went to bring Indonesian aid in the form of cash, medicine, dry food, blankets, and raincoats.

DoctorSHARE team, including C4C's Budi Yuwono, far right.

The team departed from Jakarta on Saturday, Nov. 23, flew to Manila and transferred to a domestic flight to Iloilo City. From Iloilo, the team went to the province of Antique about two hours away to get to the location where we would serve. The team held a meeting and technical briefing with the local government officials for medical services at two locations in the area of Tibiao, Antique Province.

The locations that we served were underserved by government and other humanitarian organizations. Medicine, dry food, blankets, raincoats, and cash were given to the president of St. Anthony’s College in San Jose, Antique, to be distributed to victims in need.

Doctors from DoctorSHARE caring for a baby.

For two full days, we performed medical services at two locations in the Tibiao area. The number of patients: 900, including 29 patients who underwent minor surgery.

The team had the opportunity to visit some of the affected areas where entire communities had yet to receive electricity since the typhoon on Nov. 8. Nearly 82 percent of the homes were damaged by the disaster, said Joselito Y. Escutin, the mayor of the municipality of Dao, Capiz Province. We met with the mayor and he said they needed laborers like masons and carpenters to repair the damaged homes, and electricians to repair electrical installations damaged by the collapse of many electric poles.

Mrs. Helena telling Budi about the typhoon.

I had the opportunity to carry on a conversation with a woman named Mrs. Helena on the road. She told me how the typhoon was so big she was grateful to survive. But the storm trauma left her in tears.

Pray for all the victims who continue to be affected by the typhoon. May the power of God allow them to recover soon, and may they experience His presence.


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