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Gary Fallesen

Taking Bibles to the hills

Mission Moment (Monday, May 21, 2012)

Save Pakistan delivered more Urdu Bibles — purchased with funding provided by God through Climbing For Christ — to a church in the hills around Sargodha City.

“I was amazed to see how people were passionate and have great zeal to praising God,” Evangelist Haseeb shared today after returning from Sargodha. “When we reach the church everybody welcomed us. The church building was little — only 100 people could sit there. But their hearts were very big to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. My heart become very sad when they told there is no pastor or leader who teach and preach the Gospel and nobody reached them for long time.

“We had worship with the great passion and shared the Word of God. Everybody was filled with the great joy and peace, lots became healed from their diseases and come to us for prayers. Praise God for his glorious work in Pakistan.

“Then we distribute free gifts of Bibles among them, and they were much blessed to be getting them and thankful for the precious gifts of Bibles. Their faces were shining with the light and were joyful to be getting Bibles.

“They told us about other areas where hundreds of people are not yet preached by the Gospel and even they don’t have their own Bibles and they could not afford to buy a Bibles for themselves. But due to the short stock of Bibles we were unable to reach them. We have a vision to reach them also in our next trip.

“We still need thousands of Bibles to reach all over Pakistan, where nobody reach, especially the mountain areas of Pakistan. People are still waiting for the Word of God; there is a great need to deliver the Word of God. It is time to spread and deliver the Word of God in the corners of Pakistan, so that thousands of souls would be saved in Christ.”

In addition to Urdu Bibles, there is a need for children's Bibles. “There were lots of children who also requested us to provide them Bibles,” Haseeb reported. “They told us they could read the Bible and desire to have it to read and study it. Please keep praying for children Bibles also as they need to learn about the Word of God in their childhood life. It will be much fruitful to bring them to the kingdom of God in their childhood.”

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