Dispatches: Nepal 2024

Mission: Nepal 2024

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The Climbing For Christ way: returning to remote places time after time, growing relationships, sharing the love of Jesus, praying for the salvation of one – and then another. One at a time for all time. We return to Nepal on our 21st expedition to this Himalayan nation. Check back for daily Dispatches from May 1 to 18.

Trip Report: Kilimanjaro 2024

HIStoric start that was years in the making

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This was the first on-the-mountain training of our Kilimanjaro Chapter in Tanzania and the Mulanje Massif Chapter in neighboring Malawi. Our goal is to have every one of the 160 or so guides and porters in our chapters trek, be taught, and do outreach on their respective mountains before the end of the year. Unexpected results saw 57 people guided to Jesus.

Dispatches: Tanzania 2024

Mission: Kilimanjaro 2024

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Sermons on the Mount Kilimanjaro, and so much more. Evangelism training continues among the guides and porters in the Kilimanjaro Chapter as we teach and do outreach on Africa's tallest mountain. Mission: Kilimanjaro 2024 is scheduled from Jan. 16 to Feb. 2. Check back for daily Dispatches.

Trip Report: Peru 2023

A day in the life of Mission: Peru

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Uncertainty. Unwellness. Unreal weather. Unexpected obstacles. Another day in the life of a mission trip. Welcome to Mission: Peru 2013, conducted in the Cordillera Blanca in November.


Mission: Peru 2023

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This is the eighth Evangelic Expedition to Peru since 2011, but the first in five years. Our international team - with members from Canada, Germany, Peru, and the United States - is on mission in the Cordillera Blanca mountains from Nov. 6 to 22. Check back daily for Dispatches. Pray on!

Dispatches: Tanzania 2023

Mission: Kilimanjaro 2023

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The roots of Climbing For Christ are found in the East African country of Tanzania. Mission: Kilimanjaro 2023 is our 15th expedition here. Check for Dispatches from Feb. 24 to March 10. Mission: Malawi 2023 will follow March 11-20.