Mission Moments: Haiti

Gary Fallesen

Mission Moments: Haiti

What price salvation?

By Gary Fallesen, founding president, Climbing For Christ

Gilbert sharing Jesus in Marmelade, Haiti. (Photos by C4CNG)

Gilbert Lindor and two members of C4C’s New Generation (Haiti) traveled from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to the border town of Jimani, where they met six other members on Sept. 9. The next day, the group continued to Marmelade, a village in northern Haiti. It was a 450-kilometer (280-mile) drive that takes 9 ½ hours, if your vehicle is not stopped, robbed, and your driver kidnapped or shot – a sad occurrence in Haiti.

Gilbert had trouble finding a driver willing to take the C4CNG mission team where they felt called by the Lord. “It was at the last minute that one appeared, and he asked us for $1,000 (USD),” Gilbert said, “and I had no alternative but to accept.”

A pricey ride – until you hear the results.

“A total of 51 people accepted Christ during the four days we spent there,” Gilbert testified.

Do the math: It was less than $20 per saved soul! This begs the question: What price are we willing to pay to glorify His name?

Gilbert, above left, prays for the sick. Below, hundreds show up for worship.

“We prayed for the sick,” Gilbert said, adding that 200 people showed up. “The people felt blessed through the worship and wanted us to spend more days with them. But we couldn’t stay. They said good-bye to us on (Sept. 14) singing a song that (about) great sadness. But there was no alternative.”

Gilbert said “more than 300 people came under the rains to worship with us” on Sept. 13. “All the glory is to God!”

The team then had to return from the mission on the dangerous streets of Haiti. An alternative route was required because of shooting between police and civilians.

“Really, the wonderful things that God does are priceless,” Gilbert said. “Winning lost souls for God have no prices. We should only thank God that He has called us to use us for His glory.” 

The C4C New Generation mission team.


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